The work investigates a wide range of materials including collage, found objects, pastels, printmaking and digital photography. The process began with exploring natural objects by photographing, collaging or recreating natural elements by hand. Other pieces began with traditional college or photographs taken from nature. The aspects of nature were used in the collages by going back and forth between digital and traditional  techniques until the mediums became enmeshed together to unify the portraits with natural elements. 

The concentration went on to take these mixed media studies further and develop them into chalk pastel works. When using pastels the gesture and mark making remain visible, with a focus on meshing rather than blending colors together. By including implied lines following curves, the pieces provide movement which allows for a calm experience in viewing the work by leading the viewer's eye. Color palettes played with both natural and expressive uses of color to create a variety of moods from calm to excited. The works included a large emphasis with color that draws the eye to certain parts of each piece.